Alumni Testimonials

What was Kishwaukee College Athletics able to do for you?

KC helped me reach my full potential not only on the ball field, but in the classroom. We were taught that school comes first before sports, because you can have all the skills in the world, but without the grades, it will be hard to make it anywhere. —Teri Becker, 2008

KC athletics provided me with a family away from home. I was always so proud to represent KC in everything that I did and I knew that the school, academics, and athletics were always supporting me too. —Gerrigh Tjelle, 2007

KC athletics was very beneficial to me simply for the fact it kept my life in order. Time management an individual discipline were two traits I acquired with my time at KC. —Chad Pecka, 2005

How did KC Athletics prepare you for further collegiate competition and academics?

KC Athletics truly taught me the meaning of TEAM. This allowed me to go into a different program knowing just how important it is to work together to achieve a common goal. My coaches were excellent at perfecting mental toughness and playing through difficult situations with excellent results. —Anglea Furlano, 1999

I went on to be a great student because in sports I learned to have confidence in myself and set long and short term goals that are in reach. I still live by the believe, achieve, succeed motto that surrounded us every day at KC. —Janet Truckenbrod, 2006

Despite not having the resources that other colleges may have for athletics, KC athletics staff allowed growth as a student-athlete through care, support, work ethic the staff consistently presented. I always felt appreciated, listened to, an looked after as a KC student-athlete. I was given the tools I needed to succeed and felt the program was genuine in its desire for success. —Nicole Mulhall, 2006

\What are KC Athletics greatest strengths?

Great coaching staff, athletic training staff, and support from other teams. —Jaime Strachan, 1990

Learning Skills Center, small community of athletes and great communication lines between coaches, athletes, professors and strong sense of pride in the athletic program. —Jamie Loggins, 2006

Learning Skill Center! It is great to make it mandatory for athletes. It was a huge part of my academic success. Never ending support a student-athlete is able to get from their coaches. Exposure the college is able to attract to help their athletes continue their athletic career at a four year university. —Nicole Dames

What value do you put on your KC Athletic experience?

Without the experiences I have gone through I would not be the person I am today.
—Teri Becker, 2009

I value KC athletic experience in the highest form of regard and appreciation there is. KC welcomes you with open arms from beginning to end and beyond. —Elizabeth Goldman, 2005

KC has an intrinsic value. I gained such a positive experience, made connections to last a lifetime, and so instrumental in my education and accomplishments. —Nicole Mulhall, 2006

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