Mission/Vision Statement

The Mission/Vision Statement was developed for the Athletic Department to empower, direct and focus the entire department’s purpose.

We are passionate about enhancing lives and fulfilling dreams. As a department, we will build nationally recognized teams through accountability, respect, sportsmanship, academic and athletic excellence.

Vision Statement

Kishwaukee College Athletics will be the driving force behind turning student-athletes’ aspirations into enduring success in the competitive arena and in the classroom.

Program Objectives and Goals

1.  Excellence in Athletics and Academics

A.  Be a nationally competitive athletic program, whose teams win conference championships and qualify for post-season competitions
B.   Ensure that student-athletes reach their maximum academic potential and make progress toward a degree, graduate greater % than KC average, earn Team G.P.A. at least 3.0 ,place at least 1/3 of all athletes on Academic All-Conference honors.

2.  Personal Development of Student-Athletes

A.  Provide opportunities for student-athletes to commit to community and volunteer activities and life skills training
B.  Emphasize maturity and growth in life skills

3.  Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility and Compliance

A.  Alignment of resources with priorities, maintain operating expenses within budget limits
B. Maintain strict adherence to rule, regulations that govern athletics.  No violation of NJCAA rules and policies

4.  Recognition of Department Success

A. Celebrate proud history and accomplishments of Kougar Athletics, celebrate past and present team and individual successes

5.  Professional Development of Staff

A. Conscientiously provide feedback for all staff regarding job performance and encourage and provide opportunities for professional development.

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