Officially Cancelled Classes

In an effort to save students time and gas costs, cancelled classes will be posted on this page. Only cancellations reported in advance will be displayed, so last minute cancellations may not be included.

During winter months, all students, faculty and staff are urged to use caution and personal judgment in their travels to and from campus.

The following table displays only classes that are not meeting today.

Cancellations for: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Class Name Course Time Room Instructor Message
Basic Writing Skills ENG 095 3001 8:00 am A2220 Shari Novotny
Reading Improvement ENG 098 3002 8:00 am A1244 Rebecca Mercado
Basic Writing Skills ENG 095 3002 9:30 am A2220 Shari Novotny
Elementary Algebra II MAT 066 3B06 11:00 am A1216 G. Trausch
Basic Writing Skills ENG 095 3003 11:00 am A2220 Shari Novotny
General Biology BIO 103 3004 12:30 pm C2261 Terese Dudek Check D2L.
College Study Skills ENG 111 3004 12:30 pm A2230 Rebecca Mercado
Elementary Geometry MAT 075 3002 2:00 pm A1356 G. Trausch
General Biology BIO 103 3005 2:00 pm C2210 Terese Dudek Check D2L.
Reading Improvement ENG 098 3009 2:00 pm A1244 Rebecca Mercado
Calculus and Analytic Geometry MAT 229 3002 4:00 pm A1357 G. Trausch

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