Adult Learner

Real Life…can get in the way.

For many adults, college was something that was out of reach for a variety of reasons when they left high school. For others, college was something that they began and had to leave unfinished. For still others, college was completed but the work world-or their interest-changed. Whichever path, whatever the reason, Kishwaukee College offers Real Life, Real Opportunity for adult students.

The median student age is 21-That means that there are equally as many students who are above the age of 21 as there are below. A typical classroom is 15-20 students and represents a cross-section of ages, socio-economic status, race and ethnicity. This mix in a small class size is the perfect setting for dynamic learning-different experiences, different viewpoints, from an eclectic mix of people, add up to class discussion that can lead to real learning.

What does all this mean for you?

Whether you are looking for a program to add to your current skills, changing careers, completing a degree that is in progress, coming to college for the first time or beginning to work on a GED/high school equivalency or English as a Second Language program--Whatever the reason for your interest in coming to Kishwaukee College, we have the program and support services that you need to be successful.

Real Life at Kishwaukee College means Real Opportunity!

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