Media Services

Media Services supports and facilitates the application of media technology and non-print media resources to support and enhance teaching, learning, and administrative services, as well as other campus activities and events. 

Media Services provides faculty, students, and staff with a variety of technology resources, equipment and services to the campus community.


The Media Services Suite is located in A1252. Visit the maps section of this Web site for more specific information on our location.


Fall & Spring Session
Monday - Thursday: 8 am to 8 pm
Friday: 8 am to 4 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
815-825-2086 ext. 2260

Summer Session (Mid-June through Mid-August)
Monday - Friday: 8 am to 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed.

Intersession and Break hours vary, but are typically
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Media Services offers:

Classroom Media Assistance

Reservations for audiovisual equipment and materials can be made over the telephone at extension 2260, by email or by dropping a note in our mailbox. Equipment reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance when possible, because ALL equipment is first come-first served. Equipment/materials are to be picked up and returned by the user. Faculty may request that students pick up their equipment ONLY if Media Services has been notified in advance. Faculty members should also reserve the AV equipment for their students to use in class.

AV Equipment

Throughout the college are classrooms and computer labs that have a variety of multimedia equipment installed. These “MultiMedia Rooms” have a ceiling-mounted data projector, an instructor computer or laptop connection and most have a DVD/VCR and document camera. The AV equipment is operated via a single touch-screen. You can view a tutorial on Using the Calypso AV Control System or print the tutorial from a PDF document. There is also a narrated Flash movie tutorial.

Here's a complete list of rooms and their equipment. For training to use these rooms and a key to the mulitmedia desks please see any staff member.

Multimedia Support

The Multimedia lab offers faculty and staff not only a facility for producing educational materials, but also a place to learn about using new and existing technology. These media development facilities provide authoring software and peripheral equipment for conversion of media into digital format, instructional material development, and interactive media.


Workshops are offered every semester on a variety of topics. Be sure to watch your mailbox and email for more details, or click for Desire2Learn Workshops and Mimio Workshops.

Distance Education Facilities

Media Services provides a two-way interactive network for sharing of credit and non-credit classes with other community colleges and universities. A satellite downlink is available for receiving programs from most educational and professional organizations. Programming can be recorded or distributed live to rooms that can hold 3 to 300 people. C, Ku and Web-based broadcasts can be received. Classroom and technical support is provided.


AV production services are available to staff and students. Some of our services include: laminating, posters, slides, banners, scanning, photo printing, CD and DVD duplication, etc. Costs for materials are charged to the department based on materials used. Please allow 3-7 working days depending on items requested.

Audio-Visual Materials

College-owned AV materials are cataloged in the same system as are books in the library.  You can search this collection via the Library Catalog by going to the Library Web page and clicking on "Book Catalog". If you wish to search by a certain title, actor or producer (Disney, for example), you can type part of the title in the Find This box, leave the Find Results in box at "keyword relevant search" and then in the Limit Search select "videorecording". When you click on a title, be sure to click on the Detailed Record. This will give you complete information, including actors, when produced and a description of the video.

John Bland Collection


Service Charges 

There are no charges to faculty, staff or students for use of Media Services equipment or services for college-related activities. There are "materials" charges for production supplies, presentation graphics, printing, purchase of audio and video tapes, and tape duplication fees. There are rental fees charged to off-campus groups using college equipment. Due to time and staff limitations, we are unable to provide services for personal use.


Due to limited staffing, Media Services does not provide operators for our equipment. Our staff will test equipment, and in certain circumstances, setup and deliver equipment. We do provide one-on-one instruction either at the time of setup or at a pre-arranged time.


Media Services follows the Code of Conduct for members of the Consortium of College and University Media Centers with regard to copyright matters.

"Whereas, we believe that a balance must exist between the rights of the producers and distributors of the works which we collect and disseminate and the privileges of ourselves and our patrons who benefit from their display; and Whereas, we understand that if the owners of audiovisual works are denied their legal right to actual and potential revenues that may be derived from their works, the net effect will be a decline in the production of audiovisual materials, and whereas, we consider infractions of copyright law to be equivalent to acts of theft."

Media Services provides maintenance and repair to the Kishwaukee College audio visual inventory. Our staff test and evaluate new equipment for its effectiveness in education, as well as for durability and ease of use.

Media Services is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction. Please don’t hesitate to send feedback on our services and operations to:

Brad Lipman

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