Add, Drop and Withdrawal Classes

After you have registered and before classes begin, you can add or drop classes from your schedule through KishSOS or in the Admissions, Registration, and Records Office.

In Person
You must complete an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form if you are changing sections of the same course or if you are withdrawing from any or all courses.

By Fax
You may also drop/withdraw from class(es) by faxing an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Formto the Admissions, Registration and Records office. 815-825-2306.

After classes begin, you may change your registrations according to the following guidelines:

Adding a Class

Adding a course after the first class meeting of the Fall and Spring Semesters requires the instructor’s written permission on the Add/Drop Form. The instructor’s signature is valid for 48 hours. Students may not add classes already in progress after the Tuesday following the first week of classes. After this point, students may switch between sections of a class with the permission of the instructors and the Division Dean. Students may not register late for any classes with an initial class meeting starting after the first week of the normal session.

Dropping a Class

To drop a class during the refund period, you can drop through KishSOS or complete an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form. Refunds of tuition and fees for dropped courses are processed according to Kishwaukee College's refund policy. The exact refund/drop dates for each of our courses can be found on your schedule bill and online using KishSOS.

Withdrawing from a Class

If you wish to withdraw from a class or from all your classes after the refund period, you must complete an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form and have the withdrawal processed in the Admissions, Registration, and Records Office. Deadlines for withdrawing from classes are listed on your schedule bill and online using KishSOS.

Withdrawals may not be initiated after the established deadlines. A grade of "W" will be given to all withdrawn classes. If you do not officially drop or withdraw from classes, you will be assigned the letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) earned.


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