Admissions, Registration and Records

If there is one office that plays an integral role in the college career of every Kishwaukee College student, it is the Office of Admissions, Registration, and Records. The professionals in “ARR” are responsible for the enrollment, registration of students, and records of every student who has attended Kishwaukee, current and past.

ARR is the first stop for every student—fill out a Student Information Form to be entered into the Kishwaukee College database; send the required high school and/or college transcripts, and ARR has your file activated—you are now a Kishwaukee College student!

ARR also is responsible for evaluating your progress through Kishwaukee College, keeping records on you coursework and grades to make sure you have fulfilled every requirement for graduation. ARR is also the place to visit as your prepare to transfer to another university to continue your education or enter the workplace—ARR sends out your official Kishwaukee College transcripts to other colleges or universities or any employers who require a transcript.

As you prepare to leave Kishwaukee College and participate in commencement ceremonies, you will once again benefit from the work of the ARR office—they are the office that plans and coordinates graduation!

Get to know the ARR Office

Location: C2100
Phone 815-825-2086, ext. 2740

21193 Malta Rd.
Malta, IL 60150-9699

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