Parking and Roadways

View a set of progression photos from the ring road construction.

View a set of progression photos from the parking lots reconstruction.

July 11, 2012

ResurfaceThis summer’s site work is progressing very well. The north parking lot is on schedule, and you have probably noticed significant progress in the courtyard area just west of the Student Center. Starting on July 23, we will begin some asphalt repair work in selected places on campus as indicated by the yellow shading in the map. These areas will be closed to all traffic from July 23-27. Please make alternate parking arrangements during this time.

Of course, asphalt work like this is subject to the weather, so these dates are subject to change if we happen to get our first drop of rain in months!

April 3, 2012

Summer 2012, specific dates not yet defined – The staff parking lot will be out of service intermittently as asphalt resurfacing work is completed. Since the north parking lot will be under construction, you will access the staff parking lot by taking the northern leg of the ring road and then turn left on the roadway near the former site of the old baseball field.

May 21 – Site work will begin on the north parking lot. The entire parking lot will be closed and pedestrian entrance to the northern entrance of the atrium (Door 51) and the eastern entrance of the B200 wing (Door 49) will be prohibited.

May 21 – Customers of the Early Childhood Center will park in the KEC parking lot. Special provisions will be made for Tri-County patients near that facility.

May 21 –Bus drop-off will be temporarily relocated to the western entrance of the Conference Center (Door 11) for the summer. This will be the home of Transvac and LOTS bus stops until the summer of 2013.

Mid-August – The reconstructed north parking lot will reopen.

Summer 2013 – Transvac and LOTS bus drop-off will be relocated to its permanent home north of the SC.

August 3, 2011

Preparations for Fall Semester

As mentioned in the July 13 update, a number of site improvements need to be finished before the start of classes. I’m pleased to report that the Malta Drive entry roads, expanded South Parking Lot, and Bus Parking Lot north of KEC will be complete on time. You may have noticed that final paving has already begun on campus!


As students arrive to campus for the new semester, their route to Kish’s parking will be different. We are currently working on signs to help students find their way as they navigate the new roadways. These signs will be installed before the start of the semester.

July 13, 2011

New and Improved South Entry

The new South Entry is being widened to three lanes to accommodate additional traffic.

Expanded South Parking Lot

The south parking lot is being expanded and cars will access the South Lot from the ring road that runs to the south of this parking lot.

Partial Ring Road

As you enter campus through the South Entry, you will have to turn left onto the new ring road. This ring road will then turn west and run parallel along Route 38. The portion of the ring road that is needed to access the South Parking Lot will be complete by the start of the Fall semester.

New North Entry

The new North Entry will be located north of the KEC building and will be used to access the North Parking Lot. Like the South Entry, this entry will also be three lanes. The existing North Entry will be converted to a construction-only entrance.

Bus Parking

A new bus parking lot is being constructed north of the KEC building. This lot will be used by the school busses that transport students to KEC. This lot will also serve as a staging area for other busses (e.g. Transvac) that need to sit idle for a period of time.

West Parking Lot

This lot will be located southwest of Caukin.  Sidewalks will be installed to connect this lot with the western edge of our main building, and landscaping will be planted in areas surrounding the softball field.

Ring Road

We expect to complete the entire ring road by the end of the year.

May 20th, 2011

With the temporary closure of the South Parking Lot, we are losing 18 handicapped parking spaces. Therefore, within the next week we will be relocating these 18 spaces for the summer. To accomplish this, the 30-minute parking spaces just north of the mailroom/receiving area will be converted to handicapped parking. Additionally, we will convert some of the spaces in the employee parking lot to handicapped parking. This will be a temporary change that will remain in effect until the South Parking Lot reopens later this summer.

May 12th, 2011

Horticulture Garage

This week we demolished the storage garage that was attached to the Horticulture “headhouse” on the far northern edge of our campus. This was necessary in order to fit the ring road to the north of this facility.

May 3rd, 2011

Entry Gates

As mentioned in the 4-11-11 Update, the entry gates will have to be dismantled. This work will happen in May.

April 25th, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The first stage of construction includes a significant amount of earth work. We’re grading the campus for better water retention and preparing the site for the ring road and west parking lot. The early weeks of spring were quite dry…until the heavy equipment showed up on campus. Since then, it has been VERY rainy, and this weather is not helping our construction schedule.

Site Work Schedule

If the weather cooperates, we have another three weeks to complete the campus’s rough grade, followed by two weeks of site utilities work. Once that is complete, we have 2 weeks to do some lime stabilization work. By applying lime to the ground where the parking lots and roadways will be, this forms a near-concrete base, which makes for a more stable surface to eventually apply asphalt.

April 11th, 2011

Malta Road – North Entrances

Over the summer, a new campus entrance from Malta Road will be built north of the Kishwaukee Education Consortium building. When this is complete, this entrance will serve staff and students, and the current north entrance will be converted to a construction-only entrance. In the meantime, the current north entrance will have to serve regular traffic and construction traffic. Please take extra caution when using the north entrance during this time.



Malta Road – South Entrance and South Parking Lot

After Graduation, the south entrance will be closed. This summer there will be no access to the south parking lot so the south entrance road can be reconstructed and widened to 3 lanes to better accommodate peak traffic times. The south parking lot will also be expanded during this time. This work will be completed during the summer and the south entrance and parking lot will reopen before the start of the Fall semester.



Entry Gates

Once construction is complete, the current north entrance will be eliminated. Without a road that passes through them, the north entry gates become unnecessary and will actually confuse drivers approaching the campus. Also, as mentioned earlier, the south entrance needs to be widened to 3 lanes. The wider road will not fit between the south entry gates. The gates are too large and heavy to relocate in one piece, and it is cost prohibitive to partially dismantle, move, and then reassemble the entry gates in a new location. Therefore, we have no choice but to dismantle both entry gates along Malta Road and place them out of service.

April 6th, 2011

Route 38 Entrance

You may have noticed some work last week on what appears to be a new entrance from Route 38. This is a construction entrance only and will be removed at the conclusion of the project.

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