Campus Signage

As part of the campus expansion project, the College will be implementing a new comprehensive signage plan. There are two main components of the plan, internal signage and external signage.

External signage will be installed during the month of November. Pending County Board approval on September 19, the plan includes an electronic sign at the corner of Malta Road and Rt. 38.

Internal signage will begin to be installed in October, starting with the Student Center and exterior buildings (minus Caukin). Signage in the main building will be installed in three phrases. Please see map here for phasing schedule.

Room numbering for the Student Center consists of a Wing letter, following by a 4 digit room number, with the first number being the floor identifier.

The main campus will be renumbering utilizing the same format. Current room numbers, for the most part, will not be changing, except a wing and a floor number being added. Example: A228 will go to A1228. However, the current U, L, and G wing letters are being eliminated and replaced with either an A, B or C. Please see links for each floor for room numbering: First Floor and Second Floor.

If you have specific signage questions, please call or email Kayte Hamel, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, ext. 3710, or

June 1, 2012

The development phase of the campus signage and way finding project is nearly complete, and a bid package has just been published for sign fabricators. You will begin to see new campus signage this fall. Signage will be installed in multiple phases as the various stages of renovation are completed. The picture at the top is a rendering of a new exterior sign that will be located at the corner of Route 38 and Malta Road. On the bottom is a typical interior way finding sign that might hang overhead in a hallway.



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