Student Center- NOW Open!

The student center building will accommodate increased student demand for services related to financial aid, registration and counseling, as well as an expanded bookstore, dining facilities, and student activity space.

Student Center building

View a set of progression photos from the Student Center construction.

November 14, 2012

We are still waiting on a few pieces of furniture for the Student Center. Other than that, we’re pretty much moved in. A HUGE thank you to Steven Hoover, Janet Gallagher and BJ Miller for their efforts with SC artwork and plantings. The new artwork and plants have really added a lot to the new building! Be sure to join us on December 6 for the Community Celebration / Open House!!! Go here for more information:

October 9, 2012

The Marketing Team created a "lip-dub" celebrating the opening of the Student Center. What is a lip-dub you ask? It is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video. The video features the talents of 50+ students dancing/singing. This high energy, fun video required extensive planning and work. A HUGE thank you and job well done to Laura Chiavini and Lindsay Barron (Marketing & Public Relations) for their creative vision and Brook Miller (Media Services) for his filming expertise.

Make sure your volume is up and sit back and enjoy this Celebration!

October 4, 2012

Offices began moving into the Student Center on September 24 and will continue through October.

Starting October 10, we will begin installing internal signage in the Student Center (and all other parts of the main building). After this is done, artwork and potted plants will be added to the mix. Steven Hoover, Art Gallery Director, has been charged with selecting new artwork for the SC. Janet Gallagher and BJ Miller will select live plant materials that will be most appropriate for the large planters that have been purchased for special public places in the Student Center. The artwork and plants will be in place no later than December 6, the date of the community open house celebration at the SC.

June 1, 2012

The case work is just about complete. This includes cabinetry and countertops in work rooms, service counters in student service areas, etc. The ceiling tiles and most light fixtures are installed. Floor tile and carpet are now being installed. As the north parking lot is being renovated, we are installing underground utilities to connect the SC to the sewer system. Once this connection happens, we will have running water and toilet service in the building. Finally, we are within weeks of having building cooled with our new geothermal system!

April 3, 2012

April 16 – Site work will begin in the courtyard area between the Student Center (SC) and the Conference Center. Pedestrian access to the southern entrance of the atrium (Door 6) will be prohibited.

Mid-October – Departments in A/B 100 will begin moving to SC. Administration will move into the SC, and AETP will move to the office space vacated by Administration in the B200 wing.

February 21, 2012

Student Center Interior

The inside of the student center is really beginning to take shape! Drywall has been hung, painting has begun and most of the windows are now in place. Currently, ceiling grids are being installed for areas with a suspended ceiling, and light fixtures are being installed. The focus on the project is starting to transition to the SC’s interior finishes. It’s a great time to sign up for a tour of the building!

Moving into Student Center

Our original construction schedule assumed we would move into the SC during winter break beginning in December 2012. We are currently ahead of schedule, so we are exploring the possibility of moving during the Fall 2012 semester. It will be a challenge to move while school is in session because we must continue to serve students during this transition. The benefit of moving early is that we can begin the renovation work sooner.

Brick Pavers

The walkway to the front door of the Student Center will be made of brick pavers. In the near future Marshall Hayes will announce an opportunity for employees, students and the community to purchase a brick paver, which would be inscribed with a personalized message and installed on the main walkway leading to the Student Center.

November 30, 2011

A few panels of Prodema were installed last week on the northeast corner of the Student Center. Prodema is a wood-based material used for the interior and exterior of buildings. It is made up of natural wood with a polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride core. Another word for polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride is plastic. Prodema is renowned for its durability, versatility and insulation properties for buildings. It is coated with a proprietary coating which protects the panels from sunlight. In the coming weeks you will see progress on the Prodema installation on the second floor exterior of the Student Center. Prodema will also be featured on the Campus Operations Building, to a much lesser extent.


Most of you already know that the Student Center will be heated and cooled with the geothermal system that was drilled earlier this fall. However, did you know that the renovated space will also benefit from geothermal? On days where the outside temperature is not extremely hot or extremely cold, the geothermal unit will have surplus capacity. This surplus capacity will supplement the heating and cooling of the renovated spaces, once renovation construction is complete in 2013. How cool is that?

November 13, 2011

The Student Center roof is now complete. This week the exterior walls of the service yard were installed. Located on the northeast corner of the Student Center, the service yard walls will obscure “back of the house” items like dumpsters and cafeteria receiving.

The windows have been installed on much of the second floor, and most of the second floor’s interior walls have been studded. Drywall installation will begin at the end of November. Finally, the glass “curtain wall” will be installed toward the end of December. The curtain wall is the 2-story glass façade at the front door of the Student Center.

October 22, 2011

The Student Center mechanical, duct work and piping is in full swing. Exterior pre-cast concrete walls have been installed, and the Prodema installation will begin in 2 weeks. Prodema is the name of the wood panels that will surround much of the second floor exterior of the building. Next week, the window surrounds will be installed and work will begin on the metal studs for the interior walls. The roof is now 60% complete and will be finished in the next couple of weeks.


Thus far, 110 wells have been dug to serve the geothermal site. We expect the remaining 40 wells to be complete by early November.

Office Chairs

We are in the process of selecting office chairs that will become the standard for the Student Center, Campus Operations Building and renovated space. This selection will also become the standard for all employees when new chairs are purchased. This is a very important decision that significantly affects all of us and we are seeking your input. These chairs will be put on display in the Faculty/Staff Lounge, where you will find a form to provide your written feedback. More information will be provided in a separate email once we nail down the specific dates when the chairs will be on display.

September 6, 2011

What’s in a Name?

 In the earliest days of our construction planning, you may remember that we tentatively named our new building the “Student Life Building.” Then, about a year ago, the working title was renamed “Student Services Center.” In reality, this building houses Student Services functions and Student Life functions. To reconcile this, we have decided to name the building the “Student Center” or SC for short.


You may have noticed a structure looking like an oil rig just arrived to campus today. That equipment will be used to dig the geothermal wells, which will be on the eastern edge of campus, directly east of the SC.  Drilling will begin this week.

15 Tons and What Do You Get?

For 15 tons, we will get one slab of precast concrete which will form the exterior walls of the SC. These slabs, which will be delivered later this week, will measure 30 feet by 10 feet and will weigh an astounding 30,000 pounds each! Installation of precast concrete will begin next week.

Other SC Odds & Ends

Since completion of the structural steel installation, the focus of the SC project has been on concrete work. This phase of the project is progressing nicely as we pour the concrete slabs that will form the floors of the SC. Also, we will begin installing the metal studs on the exterior of the building, and roof installation will begin next week.

August 3, 2011

SSC Steelwork

The steelwork for the SSC is coming along nicely and is expected to be complete by August 19.


Did you know that the new SSC will be a LEED Silver Certified building? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification is provided by the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize sustainable new construction.


One exciting sustainable feature to the SSC is geothermal. The SSC will not have traditional boilers and chillers that consume natural gas and electricity. Instead, we will utilize geothermal energy. A series of pipes will transport water hundreds of feet underground in an endless loop. This system will use the constant 55 degree temperature of the earth to heat and cool the SSC. Here is a simple illustration of how a geothermal field might look. Our geothermal field will be larger and rectangular in shape, but you get the idea.


Geothermal Field Installation

Kish’s geothermal field will be located east of the SSC near Malta Road. The installation of the geothermal field will begin next week. This will involve a significant amount of digging and will transform the “front yard” into a big pile of dirt. Not to worry, once the geothermal field in complete, we will re-grade the site and landscape. Once complete, you will never be able to tell that a geothermal field lies underground.

July 13, 2001

SSC Steelwork

This is a very exciting time because steelwork will begin tomorrow, July 14, for the Student Services Center.  For the first time you will actually see a building rising from the ground!

June 9, 2011

Aramark Foodservice Contract

At its June 8 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a 6-year contract for Aramark to provide foodservice to Kishwaukee College. Now that the terms of the contract are finalized, we are able to provide you more detail and specifics regarding foodservice.

Coke or Pepsi?

From our earliest conversations with Aramark, we expressed our desire to offer Coke and Pepsi products on our campus. We are pleased to announce that the cafeteria will offer both brands. We also hope to be able to offer both brands in our vending machines. A few contractual issues need to be resolved on the vending side, but we hope to overcome these issues shortly.

Opening Day

The cafeteria will be renamed Kish Café and will open for business on June 20. We hope you will stop by and give Kish Café a shot! While there, be sure to say “Hi” to Andrea Walsh, our new Foodservice Director, and the brand new staff that Andrea is hiring. Andrea joins us from the University Plaza at NIU, where she was the Assistant Foodservice Director. The Kish Maintenance Department has been working hard on performing a deep cleaning of the entire cafeteria and refreshing the space with newly painted walls, new ceiling panels and a freshly polished floor.

Kish Café Features

You will find Kish Café to be a significant upgrade from what you have grown used to on campus. Some highlights include:

  • Starbuck’s Coffee
  • Kish Café will accept debit and credit cards
  • Expanded menu
  • Higher quality food

As mentioned before, Aramark will be our single-source caterer for all functions funded by the College. Please rest assured that Aramark will provide the variety, quality and reliability that you expect. We are currently planning a Catering Fair, where employees responsible for coordinating catered events will get an opportunity to sample many of the offerings provided by Aramark. This Catering Fair will happen during the Fall semester. Finally, the exclusivity arrangement will not prevent student groups from doing fundraisers (e.g. bake sales, tacos, etc).

May 12th, 2011


The vending machines were a part of the existing foodservice contract with Consolidated Management. Therefore, once Consolidated Management departs on May 13, we will be without vending machines for a period of time. During this interim, the Bookstore is stocking up on snacks and will sell a limited selection of soft drinks.

May 3rd, 2011

Cafeteria Windows

In May, we will be removing the large windows looking east out of the cafeteria. Because this area is a common gathering place for Graduation, this work will be completed after Graduation.

Cafeteria Update

As mentioned in the 4-25-11 Update, the last day that Consolidated Management will service our cafeteria will be May 13. We are making good progress with negotiations with Aramark, but at this point I cannot tell you when the cafeteria will reopen.


Although the Aramark contract is still in negotiations, it is likely that Aramark will be our sole-source caterer. This is very customary with College cafeterias, and I am confident you will find the variety, quality and reliability to be excellent. This applies only to college-funded events.

April 25th, 2011

Cafeteria Update

As mentioned in the 4-6-11 Update, the College has selected Aramark as our new cafeteria vendor. The last day that Consolidated Management will service our cafeteria will be May 13, the day before graduation. Beginning on May 16, there will be a period of time when the cafeteria will be closed for business. We are still in negotiations with Aramark, so at this point we cannot say exactly when Aramark will begin operations.

April 6th, 2011


The new cafeteria in the Student Services Center will be a significant upgrade from our current cafeteria. It is critical that the quality of our food and catering be representative of the wonderful space that we are designing. With that, a team of faculty, administrators and staff conducted a search for a new foodservice provider. The current contract with Consolidated Management, our current foodservice provider, expires on June 30. In March the committee interviewed three companies, and Aramark has been selected as our new foodservice provider. We are currently negotiating the Aramark contract. Assuming we can reach an agreement, Aramark is expected to assume operations in our existing cafeteria on July 1 and will move with us to the new cafeteria upon completion of the Student Services Center.

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